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I exercise.

I like to exercise.

I especially like to exercise when I am mad as hell.

I was mad as hell this morning.  I won’t go into details nor with whom that argument was with but it ryhmes with shushband. I was so mad that I thought I might blow a blood vessel in my forehead. 

I hate being mad.  I hate yelling.  I hate arguing.  It literally makes me sick to my stomach.

I almost opted out of my trip to the gym this morning because I was so upset, BUT I knew once I was at the gym, I would feel better.

I slipped my feet into the pedal straps on the bike, turned on my iPod and WENT.  I let the music carry me away.  I pumped my legs hard to GET OUT some of that anger.  I let my mind drift- thinking about everything AND nothing.  As time went on, my anger faded away and I just pedaled. 

I exercise so my body will be fit.

I exercise so that I can tone up….lose weight….have a cardiovascular heart.

I exercise so that my soul can be happy and free of shit so I won’t bash my shushband’s head in.  IJS.

Carry on.