According to ABIE* | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We are kick ass.

Who would have guessed? I mean really, we’re just a bunch of girls (and hopefully another guy very soon) blogging about muffin-tops, thigh chafing, and trying to lose weight. We do it for our own benefit of course, but we do it because we want to have a fun place for others losers to come and hang out. The be accepted, to get support, and feel like this weight loss thing isn’t quite so hard.

Well apparently we’ve made a far bigger impact that even we thought was possible, because today we were featured on a list. A list with people like The Pioneer Woman and Dooce. A list called the Top 50 Women Blogs, that was featured here in a press release on Business Wire.

We’re anxiously awaiting Oprah’s call, and we’ve already started out acceptance speech. Oh wait, I don’t think we get to give a speech. That’s dumb.

What we do want to say is THANK YOU to all of YOU. Without you, the Sisterhood wouldn’t be this kick ass. We wouldn’t have a reason to post our weights, or photos of ourselves in bathing suits, or anything crazy like that.


*Access Communications PR developed the Access Blog Influence Engine, or ABIE. It is a Web-based application that provides an accurate, comprehensive view of true influence on the Web, and clearer insight into how to foster stronger blogger relationships.

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