Food Journaling Check-In #4 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Anyone else finding it difficult to keep up with the food journaling?  Anyone, anyone?

Talk to me folks.  Spill the beans- what did you eat and drink today?  Healthy?  Not healthy?  A little bit?  A lot?

I struggled yesterday with the journaling and even a bit today.  I have been super busy with kids and guests and playdates and swimdates and exercising and cooking and cleaning and going’effingnutsbecausemytoddlerhasn’tbeensleepingverywellatnightnorduringhisnapforfourdaysnowandreally, thatistheONLYtimeIhavetowritestuffdownandgetANYTHINGdone.  So yeah, it’s been hard keeping everyone happy and busy and rested, especially ME.

Regardless, I want to know how you are doing with your journaling, please.

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