Gearing up… Any day now! Really! I swear! – Christie O


July 14, 2010 By christieo

I feel like this is the longest gear up for a workout EVER! Well the wonderful Kirsten (of Team Shrinking Jeans) and I have solicited the wonderful Coach Joe for his tutorial on marathon training and we will be getting a plan in hand this week.

Which means, I’LL HAVE A PLAN! WOOOHOOOOO! Cause I’m currently going on a couple weeks of cold sweats without one. The marathon is in January but I am also training for a half-iron distance triathlon in November. So he’s going to work up a combo-platter plan for me. I hope that by Christmas, I WILL BE RIPPED! And have tackled a fear of yet another toothful creature, the alligator. Since the swim in that tri is in a freshwater lake in Florida.

I have also gained 3 pounds over the past couple of weeks and am hovering at 130. It is obvious I need a plan. It is obvious to me that number will climb if I don’t.

That’s the short check-in.