Return of the Missing Trainer – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


July 20, 2010 By heather

Last Friday, I got a phone call. From my trainer.

I hadn’t seen/heard from him since MAY 10. I’d left several messages at the gym for him. At one point I had his number, but it was on my old phone that was annihilated on around May 14.

So when he called me, I expected him to be all apologetic, but instead, he sounded like I had been avoiding him.


But I do need to see a trainer. And I do like him. He’s good. When I can get a hold of him. So I went and saw him yesterday.

The funniest part? When he was all surprised that I’m actually stronger since he last saw me. Because I HAVE BEEN WORKING OUT.

So there.

My confession? I was kind of terrified of going to the trainer yesterday. I thought I’d be so out of shape and he’d judge me.

But all I got was compliments.

This is good. This is a step in the right direction.