Shrinking Days of Summer: Weigh In #6 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Can you believe it’s July already? Summer, SLOW DOWN! Especially since it’s JUST starting to warm up around here (the Pacific Northwest). Hooray for Vitamin D!

Now to why we’re here: its Wednesday! And that means it’s time to jump on the scale and track your progress. How’d you do this week? Were you able to navigate (or did you run head on into) all the decadent holiday food temptations?

While we’re at it, how is this challenge going for you? We’ve got a few weeks left – are you feeling it, hitting your stride? Are you struggling a bit (raises hand)?

Mull it over a bit…then blog it up and leave a link in the comments – if you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment with your progress.

Now, for a little housekeeping – we’ve got a lot of really fantastic stuff happening at the Sisterhood right now!

  • Need a workout boost? I’m leading a six week long EA Sports Active More Workouts challenge! Join up over at the ‘hood! If you’ve never participated in one of these challenges, check it out. Lots of fun, and you can do it at home, any time of day (or night, I’ve been known to fire up the Wii at midnight).
  • Have you checked out the Eat! Move! Play! posts and challenges? If not, start here with Christy for an introduction, then go here to read Melissa’s latest – it includes homework. Don’t worry, it’s GOOD FOR YOU.  Also? Go read Lisa’s review of Eat! Move! Play! You’re going to want to pick up a copy. I’ve already tried the Oatmeal pancakes…and they are fantastic. Both my kid and I gobbled them up!
  • April is doing a Tworkout over on Twitter every Tuesday night! It’s a great chance to get in a quick, yet ass kicking workout the day before weigh in. Just follow @shrinkingjeans on Twitter and show up on Tuesday nights at 8pm CST.
  • Finally, did you know we’re up for a BlogLuxe Award – two of them actually – Blog You’ve Learned the Most From AND Most Inspiring !!  Yup, we’re very excited and honored, and we’re totally not above begging you to go here and vote for us. And? You can vote daily until July 12th. Please? Pretty please? We’ll love you forever…

That’s all for now!  I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful, active and healthy day!

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