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Fortunately, I can usually carve out kid free time to work out, be it during nap time, or in the evening after my son goes to bed.  My husband is really great about letting me run off to the gym for a few hours in the evening (thanks, honey!).

But, there are days where my husband is working late, or I just want to actually, you know, hang out with him in rather than hit the treadmill. Those days, a workout can be challenging.  For a long time, I threw my son in the jogging stroller and ran with him. But now, he’s 2 1/2 and putting him in a stroller for any time longer than 30 minutes is right up there with eating lima beans and cutting fingernails as far as toddler torture is concerned.

This leads me to this weeks Thursday Three: kid friendly, kid involved, FUN (yes FUN!) workouts. If you’ve been following the Sisterhood’s Eat! Move! Play! posts, you know that this month we’re focusing on getting the children in our lives active and teaching them lifelong, healthy habits. By the way? They don’t have to be birthed by you – you can borrow someone else’s kids. Yep, if you’re an aunt, a grandma, a godmother, or a very nice girlfriend who takes a frazzled mama’s kiddos for the afternoon (godblessya) you too can get kids excited about being active!

What do I like to do if I need to work out but I’ve got a crumb cruncher to entertain?

1) Bouncy House Play Areas: Okay, this may sound a little strange, but I went to this place called Pump it Up with my son a few months ago. Basically, it’s a giant warehouse with a bunch of huge inflatable slides, obstacle courses and bouncy houses. A few times a week, they have open play for toddlers. My son does not like to go on the inflatables by himself, so I go with him. OHMYGOODNESS, it’s a workout. Climbing (usually with a 35 pound kid under my arm), bouncing, crawling through the obstacle courses. Let me just say I usually wear workout clothes, cause it’s tough.  If you don’t have a Pump it Up in your area, just try googling around for something similar. So fun. Plus? Kids play so hard you usually get an awesome nap out of the deal.

2) Playground.  If you’ve got a good playground in your area, use it to your advantage. Do pull ups on the monkey bars.  Play hopstotch with the kids. Play tag. Jog laps around the play area while the kids slide and swing. Use your imagination! Your kids might even join in on the exercise!

3) Swimming. Instead of just taking the kids to the beach or pool and WATCHING them swim, join in! Just walking back and forth in shallow water is a great, low impact workout.  If you’re at the beach, get in a few sets of push ups or crunches.

Honestly? If you’re creative, there are SO many ways to get in a quick workout while hanging with kiddos. And the best part? They will most definitely take note of your healthy habits.

What is your favorite sneaky kids-in-tow workout? Tell us about it in the comments!

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