Who's Up for a TWORKOUT!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


What’s this, you say?  I thought there was a BOCA #gno party on Twitter tonight and that meant no tworkout, right? WRONG! While Christy will be a panelist on the BOCA #gno party on the @shrinkingjeans twitter account. I’m going to be heading up the Tworkout out on MY twitter acct. YAY! 

So, head on over to twitter and follow me if you don’t already, and then be there at 8 p.m. Central for a butt kicking good time!

Just LOOK at the fun we’re going to have!!

1. 2 min, high knees, 1 min, 30 sec of jumping jacks while holding weights (note: only raise arms halfway)

2. 50 alternating lunges while doing bicep curls.

3. 3 mins of buttkicks

4. 60 second squat hold. 2 of them. (YAY!)

5. Chair dips, as many as you can do. (Grab a chair, with your legs straight out in front of you, dip yourself up and down. Fun stuff, huh?!)

6. 50 bicycle crunches.


So, BE THERE, mkay?

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