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You may have noticed the little countdown clock over there ——–> in recent days and have wondered what it’s all about. Well, the time to spill the beans is here! We are launching an OpenSky shop and tomorrow is our Grand Opening! Cue noise-makers and confetti!

Don’t worry if the shelves are a little bare at first… we are committed to bringing you only the best products, tried and true by The Sisterhood! You will have to be patient as we connect with companies and begin to showcase all our favorite products! Stay tuned tomorrow, as we bring you our very first pick! Exciting, no? You can use the code EXCITE25 when checking out to save 25% August 10th-16th!

If you have a product that you would like the Sisterhood to try out and possibly feature editorially and in our OpenSky shop, shoot us an email at support@shrinkingjeans and we would be happy to discuss it further!

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