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On Saturdays we review our favorite things here at the Sisterhood. Sometimes it’s something tried and true, and sometimes it’s something we’ve just stumbled upon. Either way, when we find something we love, something that works, or tastes good, or makes sense; we want to shout it from the rooftops and share it with you! If you look up there the navbar, you’ll see the words LOVE IT. That’s our category for all things the Sisterhood LOVES, so be sure to check it out sometime!

This week we’re turning to YOU! Have you recently found something you love? Is there something you’ve been using for years that you swear by? It can be anything health, fitness or food related. A product or service. You name it! By sharing it with us, you might introduce us to something we’ve never tried. Be nice and share, okay?

Earlier this week when we launched our OpenSky shop, I reviewed this kitchen scale. We LOVE IT, and that’s why it’s available for purchase in our shop. Check back with our shop often, because we’re working hard to bring you more of the things we LOVE, and we will only offer things that are Sisterhood tested and approved!

So that’s it! Now it’s your turn to write a post and link up or just leave a comment! Share your LOVE IT items with us.

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