This Week’s Checkin – Christie O


August 18, 2010 By christieo

Well it stayed the same. 128.5.

I’ve nothing spectacular to say about it except that I worked out a LOT, but I only ate sort of ok.  OK FINE. Honestly, I’m stuck in this rut of feeling like since I just ran 10 miles I’m allowed to eat anything I want beef tacos from Tijuana Flats.

I sit down and order thinking, “Well I’m burning this off tomorrow!”

And then I order the veal parmesan.

Could you honestly imagine how much weight I’d lose if I ate well with all the calories I’m burning right now? Oh darn.

Really I’d probably be ok if I didn’t EAT AT RESTAURANTS for every meal and tempt myself! And spend a million dollars!

Someone kick my ass. Team? Anyone?