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Tonight I hopped on Twitter for a little inspiration for this post, and let me tell you, our amazing followers didn’t disappoint! Within 5 minutes I had enough great ideas to write the Thursday Three for the next 29 weeks, or so.

@Mama_Sass suggested my top 3 ‘ah-ha’ moments.

@bacrdimama suggest my top three motivational quotes

@smartstrongsexy said: 3 easy recipes?

@girlsworld said to give my 3 favorite healthy meals

So here goes!!

Ah-ha moments:

  1. When I started outgrowing my size 16 pants I realized there was a problem. My son was 1.5 and I was 193 pounds and 5’3″ tall. That’s how much I weighed the day he was born.
  2. Seeing a picture of me holding my son, and I have so many chins. I also realized that in all the pictures of me and my son, I was holding him in front of me so you couldn’t see my body. Big sirens there.
  3. One day I just woke up and knew, deep down in my heart, that if I didn’t take control I was going to lose control. So I started blogging about my weight-loss plans and joined Weight Watchers. It will be 5 years this coming January.

Motivational Quotes:

I’m not sure these are really quotes, but these are things I say to myself when I’m struggling:

  1. I sing: Keep trying, keep trying, don’t give up, never give. Don’t stop, don’t give up….Thanks DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba for that gem. It’s especially nice when it come on my iTunes playlist while I’m running! I never skip it.
  2. Quitting is not an option – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve chanted that to myself on runs.
  3. Pain is fear leaving the body – we have Jillian Michaels to thank for that one!

Easy Recipes (which will double as Healthy Recipes for Kirsten!):

  1. One of my go to recipes is the Taste of Home Slow Cooker Swiss Steak. I cooked it for Lisa when she was here last, and we inhaled it. Mom tested, kid approved, and SOOOOO easy. Plus, it smells good all day long when it’s cooking! Lisa shared the recipe over here at Mom Central!
  2. One recipe I come back to again and again is the Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins I posted over here on the ‘hood. I found the recipe on WW online and modified it a bit. My kids love it. I love it. And my dog would love it if I’d share with her.
  3. My stand-by on nights when I just don’t know what to make and don’t have time, and OMG the kids are whining and hanging off of me….you know those nights right?……is to whip out some FlatOut Bread and make bean & cheese burritos. Seriously easy. Get you some low-fat or fat-free canned refried beans, some 2% Mexican shredded cheese and FlatOut Bread. You can smear the beans, sprinkle the cheese and cook it on a griddle for a sec then roll it up, or pop that baby in the microwave for 20ish seconds and roll. Put a dollop of low-fat sour cream and some baby carrots on the plate, and VOILA! dinner is served.

So there you have it. Thursday Three times Three. Now I want you to share with us! What are your 3? Pick any of my categories or all. Blog about it or share it here in the comments, Tell all your friends!

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