Editors' Weekly Round-Up | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I am so excited to share this week’s picks with you! Usually it’s just Christy and I emailing links back and forth and making each other read this and look at that… Now I get to make YOU look, too! How fun!

**I have been following Shawna’s styleberry blog for a few weeks now, mostly because she is an awesome photographer, and well, I love photography! Yesterday, Shawna had a post about Crossfit. Now, maybe I live under a rock (probably), but I have never heard of this before. I am totally intrigued and plan to do some more digging.

** This video is perhaps one of my favorites. Ever. If you vlog this routine (in a unitard) and post it for me to see, I promise you will be my hero and probably my new bff, too.

**We all know and love Biggest Loser, but did you know there is a Biggest Loser Resort where people like us can go to get a jump start on our healthy and fit lifestyle? HINT, HINT husband! Christmas is quickly approaching, you know!

**One of our awesome sisters, Beki, completed her first-ever 1/2 marathon last weekend! Read her race report here! She totally rocked that race!

**I found this recipe on Tasty Kitchen and I will be making it for a party this weekend:

Green Salad with Apple, Feta, Pecans and Balsamic Dressing


FOR THE SUGARED PECANS: * ½ cups Pecan Pieces

* 2 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar