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Psssst…can I tell you a secret?

I’m not a big fan of working out. (ducks the rotten tomatoes)

I’ve never really been a big fan of working out. I know that I have to. And I know that it’s good for me. But I don’t usually get that sense that endorphins are rushing through my body or that I’m about to reach my happy place.

Exercising is hard work. And I’m a slacker. Not really a match made in heaven.

So what do I do to keep myself going?

I sign up for races. Or join things with a specific end date. Or challenge people to do something on a specific day.

I put it on my calendar, and then I circle it in red.

Knowing that I have something to work towards is really what keeps  me going. If I think “Gee, I’m going to go out and run/walk/bike/swim/yoga/push up/whatever today just because it’s glorious to be alive!”, chances are, I’m staying at home.

Which is why I’m all signed up for a race on September 26th. Signed, sealed and almost delivered…

And the wonderful thing about goal setting is that it works for ANY KIND OF EXERCISE!

I know that there’s people out there (yeah, I’m looking at you), who think they can’t set goals for themselves because they are not a runner. Just because your sport or activity doesn’t have organized race days doesn’t mean that YOU can’t create a goal date for yourself.

  • Get your Ohm from yoga? Pick a pose that you’ve never tried then pick a date when you are going to nail it. Then practice.
  • Runner? Sign up for a race. And if you’ve never signed up for a race, now is the time to do it. Give me one good reason to put it off. I dare you. If you can’t find a race that’s convenient, set up a virtual one with friends. Anyone up for another Sisterhood Virtual 5k? And World Run Day is coming up on November 10th…
  • Walker? See entry for runner above. Most road races accept walkers and there are even some walker only races out there. Check it out!
  • Biker? Sign up for a race. Or shoot for a monthly mileage goal. Or vow to ride to the library on the third Tuesday of the month. Be creative!
  • DVDer? Work your way up to the more advanced move that you’ve been too afraid to try. Pick a date and shoot for it!
  • Weight lifter type? Circle the date that you will try increasing your poundage for a few reps. Work for it!

You get the idea. Anything you do can have a goal associated with it.


Hit us up in the comments and tell us what day you have circled on your calendar and why. Feel free to go add one now…

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