The Monthly Project: When September Ends – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


There are a lot of projects going on around here aren’t there? We are finishing up September’s Monthly Project which is to free yourself from yourself!

I know Rome wasn’t built in a  day but how did you do?

I’ve been posting about them at my own blog, I tackled my issue with “overcommitting” and being a “people pleaser,” which eventually just stresses me out and burns me out and leaves me with no energy or happiness and everything I once enjoyed becomes a chore.

I don’t want to do that anymore. But I have made some headway there. I am still a chronic overcommitter, but I’m finding ways to enjoy each thing I’m doing a little  more and trimming back where I really would be pushing the limits.

I’ve also tackled my problem with self-confidence through plain old just continuing to plug away at the things I’m not really good at. (Go figure, right? Practice makes perfect is true? You mean there’s something to that?)

I realize that at any given moment, I am ready to give up on something. And I remember hearing my spin instructor tell me (well he wasn’t telling me really, he was yelling at the entire class) that when you are at the exact point of being ready to give up, then THAT’S when you really need to keep going, because THAT is your limit and you are pushing it. And you only see change if you keep going.

He’s very wise.

Don’t give up on this project! Just because it’s over doesn’t mean you have to stop! You can continue doing it and continue the discussions in the ‘hood. During the month, I saw some wonderful ways you can continue on, for instance, you can take the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse where you work on destroying toxic habits! This is so freakin awesome!

We would also like to thank Jacqueline, aka Fiteralla, for the awesome conversation she started here at the Sisterhood with her three-part series on eating disorders and destructive behaviors.

If you’re just now reading about the Monthly Project for the first time, we tackle a non-challenge related project WITHIN OURSELVES each month. This has nothing to do with “Shrinkvivor” or teams, it is just something for YOU. You can hop in at any time (although obviously you get the biggest benefit from trying to focus on it the entire month), there is a chit-chat about it on the ‘hood where you can catch up on past Monthly Projects if you want (we will revisit some in a few months). We will regularly check in each Monday if you are interested in joining the  project. The rules? There are no rules.

Stay tuned for the next Monthly Project. There are lots of new faces around here! So let’s have some fun!