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I know you’re all gearing up for the Shrinkvivor Challenge right?

If you haven’t signed up yet and you’re still sitting on the fence go sign up now. I’ll tell you why. This very post is going to give you the inside track on how to eat to shed the pounds. Trust me, I’m giving you a head start here and I promise to keep this all between you and me! Talk about an awesome advantage. It’s basically immunity!

When I think of Survivor I think of one thing: starvation. The idea of eating tree bark to keep from withering away to nothing does not appeal to me in the slightest. I love food too much! The good news is that instead of deserted islands you’ll all be hanging out at home where good eats can be found in abundance.

Do you have an eating plan set for the next six weeks? What does it consist of?

You don’t have to eat larvae or skip 2 meals a day to lose weight. In fact, that whole starvation thing will not only leave you hungry, you’ll be starving for energy as well. Remember, calories aren’t the enemy. Bad food is the enemy.  Limiting your calories to dangerous levels like 5-800 per day will do a number on your metabolism. Even if you see rapid weight loss results at the beginning, just wait until you start eating “normally” again. Your body will hang on to every calorie and you’ll end up with more trunk junk than you started with.

Follow the 40/30/30 Rule

40% Complex Carbohydrates, 30% Proteins, 30% Fat

Break down the foods you eat into three separate categories: Proteins, fats, and carbs. Try composing your calorie goal of an almost equal balance of all three. Carbs can be a little higher than fats and proteins.

If most people looked at their diets (including the people who keep their calories in check), they would find the amount of carbs they take in is too high. As odd as this may sound, a lot of them probably don’t eat enough fats either, well, healthy fats I should say. Make a goal of increasing your proteins and reducing unnecessary carbs. Foods like greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and tuna fish are great sources of protein. As far as carbs go, stick with whole grains and try and avoid foods that are processed 800 bazillion times over. Sorry Twinkies.

Switch it up

Your nutrition plan should offer you a wide variety of foods. Avoid repetition and focus on getting lots of veggies into your system. Your body will thank you for a myriad of reasons. If you’re having a rough time coming up with healthy foods to even add to your shopping list, use this one. It gives a great breakdown of what are considered healthy proteins, fats, and carbs.

Keep it Fresh

I can tell you from personal experience that I have more energy and more focus when I eat “real” food. More energy means more pimpin’ and more pimpin’ means more money! I really try and avoid boxes or cans when I can help it. Oh, and fast food… sorry but even the drive thru diet isn’t going to give you the nutrition your body needs.

Weight loss requires control and discipline. Just like you’re not going to inhale that entire fish you catch the second after it comes up out of the water, you have to plan your meals and control portions accordingly so you don’t wake up tomorrow wondering how you gained a pound.

Here’s one more quick thing about starvation before this post gets completely out of control. I guarantee that if you’re eating the types of good foods that are on this shopping list, you’re not going to get hungry. I have a cavernous stomach and by sticking to good foods and following the 40/30/30 rule and eating 6 small meals per day, I don’t get hungry. I really don’t.

There it is. There’s the secret you’ve been waiting for. Follow this official Shrinkvivor nutrition plan and instead of worrying about ending up on Exile Island you’ll just be worrying about how many pounds you’re going to win by.

Remember to sign up now for the Shrinkvivor if you haven’t yet!

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