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Dear April,

You may not know this, but I know you. I have been right here with you every step of this amazing journey we call life. I’ve been with you through the best of times and the worst of times. I’ve been right there with you when you’ve been happy and when you’ve been sad. I’ve seen you grow into the beautiful woman that you often forget you are.

I am you.

Yes, April. You often forget how beautiful you are. You often forget how amazing you are. You sometimes become so consumed with carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders that you are terribly hard on yourself. It hurts our heart to see you do this to us. And for that reason, I’m going to give you three reasons why you are awesomely amazingly beautiful.

  • You have the biggest heart. When you love, you love completely and fully. You give your heart and soul to those that you love and ask for nothing but love in return. Yes, this great big beautiful heart sometimes gets you into trouble because you are awfully sensitive, but it also is what makes you so completely lovable.
  • You love your body. You know that while there are certain parts that you will never fully be in love with, you’ve learned to accept them and embrace what you have been given. Yet at the same time, you’ve learned that you need to take care of your body because this is the only body you get, and in order to live life the way you’d like, you need to take care of this body. (It also helps that you have rockin’ legs.) One day, you will see just how sexy you are. I am sure of this.
  • You see the world in a whole new light. There was a time when you had the weight of the world weighing you down almost all the time. You were unhappy. You put on the bravest of faces, and I really admire that you tried, but I LOVE that you’ve decided that the world is at your fingertips instead of on your shoulders. You see the world in a whole in a whole new way. You’re ready to explore it and enjoying whatever life may bring you. I cannot wait to see where life take us.

Do you see, my love? Do you see how beautiful you are? How beautiful WE are? April, I know that life is not always full of roses and suns and bunny rabbits, but it can and should be most of the time. I know you’re beginning to see this now. I know that you’re embracing life more and more every day. (Which, really? Makes you just MORE beautiful every day.) I just want you to know that I am here for you. I have always been here for you. I will always be here for you. And I know that together? We will make the most of life and we will love it.



Dear friends. Today’s Thursday Three is a love letter to YOU. Write a love letter to yourself and include three things (at least) why you awesomely amazingly beautiful. Because, trust me, you are ALL awesomely amazingly beautiful.

I hope you all have a fantastic day.

(Thanks to Thea for inspiring this post!)

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