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One of the biggest traps we can fall into when it comes to following a weight loss or fitness routine is that we get bogged down by the rules of the plan. We research and read and agonize and then choose a plan only to feel constrained because it’s…well…constraining!

This is YOUR weight loss journey. Not some companies’. Not your friend’s. Not your neighbor’s. It’s yours. And yours alone.

Have you ever thought “Well, I don’t really want to do xyz but “they” say I should so I guess I have to…”?

I know I have. And then I finally came to the realization that this is MY weight loss journey. If something is not working for ME, I don’t do it…no matter what “they” say.

  1. I don’t use a Heart Rate Monitor. I read over and over again that it really helps with training so I tried it for a few months during my triathlon training. And I hated it. I felt like it was holding me back. I went from running/walking to just walking. As soon as I stopped using it, I started enjoying my training more and it became MY training instead of what someone said my training should be.
  2. I don’t count calories, points, or track my food in any way. I used to when I was on Weight Watchers, and it worked great for me at that stage of my journey, but it doesn’t work for me anymore. I got too bogged down in the numbers and wasn’t enjoying my food. So I stopped doing it. And I started seeing food as FOOD and not as a number.
  3. I don’t follow training plans to the exact letter. I miss a lot of days. I don’t do things on the days I’m supposed to. There were times when I was doing my tri training that I didn’t get in the pool for a week and a half. I noticed that when I tried to do the plan EXACTLY as…um…planned, I felt guilty when I missed something. And we all know how good guilt feels, right? So I let go of the guilt and made the training plan my own.

Did I just give you all a free pass to throw all common sense out the window? Of course not. If wearing a HRM monitor works for you, that’s awesome. I know a lot of you out there swear by journaling and follow training plans to the letter. That’s great!

My point is, find what works for YOU! This is your race…you set the finish line…you set the rules.

Am I the only rule breaker out there? Does anybody else fly in the face of convention when it comes to weight loss or working out? Leave us a comment below or link up to your own Thursday Three list!

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