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Shrinkvivor is in full swing and because you’ve all been working so hard I decided to give you the day off. No, not of working out silly. Don’t be ridiculous! In fact, get down and give me 20 for even thinking that I would let you off the hook for even one day when it comes to your fitness and nutrition. The way you’re getting a day off is by not having to learn too much from today’s post. That’s right, today we’re going to play everybody’s favorite game show


The way it works is that I give you a short description of the food and you have to guess it. First person to get all 10 right will get a special prize courtesy of yours truly. It’s going to be food related but don’t think for a second I’m going to be mailing you a cheesecake. Although if any of the teams would like to hire a professional weigh in sabotager (yes i know that’s not a word) to help send your most feared opponent to exile island then go ahead and hit me up.

1. This food can come in a can or it can also be found in a dry form. It has loads of soluble fiber and a good balance of healthy carbs and protein. It’s also known as the magical fruit.

2. This tiny little round food is almost smurf-like in appearance and can be a great source of antioxidants. It’s also high in Fiber and a great source of Vitamin C.

3. This calorie dense food is a great source of healthy fats. It comes in a bunch of different varieties and you’d especially love this food if you were a squirrel.

4. Don’t let the rough, brown, hairy exterior  fool you, great levels of deliciousness await you inside. Just grab your hammer and go “nuts” (get it?).

5. This food is not allowed on Shrinkvivor island. It is forbidden and can only be consumed on Birthday’s and weddings. Even on those days, keep consumption to a minimum.

6. Don’t confuse this food with risotto. This grain is pumped up with protein and is a great way to get your whole grains and promote building lean muscle.

7. It’s green. It’s good. Popeye (hint: not the fried chicken chain).

8. Small house in the woods. Curdled dairy.

9. This food has a shelf life of about 30 years. Experiments show that the HUGE number of preservatives found inside this food will keep it from decaying for a ridiculously long time. You better stock up too (or not), because you’re probably not going to be able to hit up the drive though while you’re out sweating on the island.

10. The last food item on the list is some more green goodness. This versatile piece of roughage will lower your cholesterol, help detox your body and is an amazing source of vitamin K. And did I mention it makes a pretty darn good chip?

That does it! Leave your answers below and the first person to get 10 for 10 will be getting an extra special food prize from me. No, it’s not a cheesecake! Sheesh.


Bari_F was first and got all 10 right with her guesses of

1. beans

2. blueberries

3. nuts

4. coconut

5. cake

6. quinoa

7. spinach

8. cottage cheese

9. french fries (also would have accepted McDonalds burger).

10. kale

Contact me at ryan @ to claim your prize Bari!

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