Shrinkvivor MERGE! – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We knew this day was coming. The day the remaining colored Tribe members become one. One Tribe. Tribe Outlast. These people have prevailed through the last six weeks of challenges and weigh-ins. Twenty-six remain, but only one can become the Ultimate Shrinkvivor.

Your original tribes are gone (yes, feel free to still participate in your former groups on the ‘hood!) and only two tribes remain:  Tribe Outlast and Tribe Exile.

On Wednesday, you will weigh-in as usual. You will have the option to vote one of your fellow Tribe Outlast members off if you wish. If you do not check-in by 9 p.m. Central time on Wednesday you will be out of the challenge. Period. The person with the most votes will be sent to Exile Island during Tribal Council on Thursday, or if no votes are cast, the member with the lowest % of weight-loss this week will be sent. The winner of the fitness challenge will receive immunity and cannot be sent to Exile Island.

Following this Tribal Council, the Top 7 will be calculated out of the remaining members of Tribe Outlast. The Top 7 will be announced Thursday evening, as well as a list of questions they will have to answer via vlog or blog on their sites. Speaking of questions, leave yours in the comments below and they may be chosen to be one of the final questions for the Top 7! Those members of Tribe Outlast who do not make the Top 7 will be sent to Exile Island and are still eligible to be the Exiled Shrinkvivor.

Voting for the Top 7 will begin on Friday!

Good luck!

Check out the updated Tribes page here!

Don’t forget to leave your questions for the Top 7 down below! Fun, serious, anything goes!

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