So. Did you take the pledge? (A Monthly Project Check-in) | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Do you know what I’m talking about yet?

I’m talking about the pledge. THE pledge.  The one where you vow to love yourself, finally, once and for all. You can read the original Monthly Project post here. You think it sounds lame, don’t you?

Well then answer the following:

How many times have you pushed someone who loves you away?

How many times have you started and stopped and started and stopped the weight-loss journey?

How many times have you stood there unable to take a compliment?

These are the types of things that you do when you do not love yourself fully.

This is the pledge. Take it. Blog about it. Write out “I LOVE ME” somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

The Pledge to Love Myself.

I pledge allegiance, TO MYSELF. Today I will proclaim it out loud, TALL AND PROUD


From this day forward, I promise to be nice.

TO myself and ABOUT myself.

I will accept my quirks and I will love my faults. I will love my shape, whatever it is My bones, my muscles, my hair and my face. My body, all of it, inside and out. Because that is what makes me, ME. And there is only one of me. I will finally allow myself to see what others see. My kindness, my spirit, my love. And starting today, I will share some of it,

with ME.

Because I deserve it. I will fight for myself, because I’m important. And I deserve to be everything I am capable of in my life. I deserve to find my greatness and live my life fully and completely. With no regrets. There is so much I want to do in my life, but first, it begins with “me.” I LOVE MYSELF. Today, tomorrow, and every day after that. I LOVE MYSELF, DAMMIT!

And no one can stop me.

If you post about it, leave your link here in the comments! We will meet again here next week to check in, so take the pledge, blog about it, grab a button and post it!  We also have the conversation going in the ‘hood. You can see what your fellow sisters have already done so far, go head on over and show them some sisterly affection!

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