The Shrinking of Melissa: Better late than never! – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


October 14, 2010 By Lissa

I have been so busy the last few days, you know, EXPOSING myself and stuff that I didn’t get my weigh-in post done!

I kind of had a shit week. I have been sick, like really sick… coughing, sooooo tired, and just totally run down. I sucked on the immunity challenge this week. I had a measly 1.42 miles. Ack.

You will be happy to know, though, that I braved my first kickboxing class. I was so nervous to go by myself, but I absolutely LOVE IT! I did my muscle work ++ class afterward and it was so tough, but I pulled through. My new plan is to do both classes every Friday, even though I am sad I have to miss my therapy walks with my good friends, Megan and Jen.

Once again, my mental state left much to be desired. I made the decision to start on antidepressants. I am sick and tired of myself, the way I am feeling, and am desperate to pull out of it! Hopefully, this will get me on the right track.

I am down a pound this week: