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Let’s have a little fun with today’s Thursday Three.

Do you ever wish you had more money in your pocket/in the bank?  To spend on things that just might not be in your budget?  Yes, I said BUDGET.  Ever since I became a SAHM, we have lived by a budget.  It took some getting used to in the beginning the hubs and I used to argue over that darn thing, but now, five years later, it’s not really a big deal anymore and it’s easy to live by.

Except when I want big ticket items that aren’t in the budget.  Or when times are tight.  Or when we paid for two house mortgages for 1.5 years (we only lived in one of those houses) and my husband was in-between jobs.   During those times, we really had to follow that budget and certain luxuries were forgotten/pushed to the side.  During those times, it was most important to pay our bills, have clothes for the kids and buy groceries. 

We are back to one house mortgage and the hubs has a good job but we still live by that budget.  My husband has an accounting/finance/IT background and was only too happy to put one together for us. 

Built into our budget, we have all the normal things-  mortgage, insurance, household bills (like gas, electricity, phone, etc), groceries, and the like.  We also have a budget for clothing, Xmas, birthdays, car-related expenses, family vacation and kids’ college funds.  At the end of every year, we re-visit our budget and tweak areas that need more money allocated to it and possibly some areas that don’t need as much money allocated to it.  Did I mention that my husband ENJOYS finance and accounting?!!!!

Am I rambling too much?   

Anyhoo, I want to dream a little bit.  I want to throw the budget way of thinking to the wayside for today and DREAM.  What if money were no object and I could have ANYTHING my heart desired?  What would those things be?

I will share what those things would be for me…..

  1. I have made it no secret that I want to start doing triathlons.  However, I do not have a bike.  I need a bike in order to do a triathlon.  I am fairly certain I will enjoy doing triathlons.  I want this bike…..or, well, ANY bike, ha ha. 
  2. I would love to be able to pay for ALL of YOU to go to Fitbloggin, so that I could meet each and every one of you face to face.  And give you a hug.  And laugh til my sides hurt.

  3. Last but not least……I want to take a trip to New York City with my BFF.  I’m thinking 6 nights at the St. Regis New York or some other swanky hotel, sight seeing tours to all the touristy attractions, a Broadway show or two, dinner out every night, and the best- an unlimited Visa card for the shopping spree to end all shopping sprees.  Sighhhhh, this sounds so nice to me right now.

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So, will you dream with me?  If money were no object, what three things would you want?  It can be fitness/health related or not, it can be for you or for others, it can be ANYTHING.  Write a post on your personal blog and leave the link in the comments section OR leave your three directly in the comments.

Have fun with this one!

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