True Confessions- I am in love! – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


November 30, 2010 By lisa

Nobody wants to hear about my Thanksgiving transgressions and how I basically threw caution to the wind over the last week.  Right?  BORING.  Hey, we were on the road all of last week and I kind of forgot that I should be eating right.  BUT, I did exercise at the gym two days of that week AND I took a 15 mile bike ride ON Thanksgiving Day.  Not too shabby, huh?

Instead, I want to confess to you about my new love.  No, I am not going to talk about running because um, hello – I already love running and um, hello, that’s nothing new.

I am in love with the Zumba class at the gym.

No really.  I AM IN LOVE.

Since last January, I have been focusing on my training runs for the two half marathons I did and well, it didn’t leave much room for extracurricular gym classes.  But now, I am kind of in between races and kind of floundering as to what to do next for running and I am fully taking advantage of the “extra” time to try out some new classes.

In walked Zumba.  Or should I say- in danced Zumba?!

Zumba is like a dance party on the gym floor.

I went for the first time in a very very very long time this morning and had the BEST time sweating, shaking my booty, and laughing at myself.  I love to dance and let’s face it, I don’t hit the nightclubs like I used to.  In fact, I don’t hit them at all anymore, no surprise.  But throw on some good music in a too-lit gym floor and ask me to “shake it, not break it” at 9:30am?

Hell yeah- I can do that!

My favorite observations from this morning…..

  • Watching the older ladies shake it shake it shake it! 
  • Listening to the jingles of the skirts some were wearing. 
  • Realizing that I have no rhythm when it comes to the Bollywood number- no moves at all- call me a fish out of water on that one!
  • I do have “the moves” on the Latin numbers- no surprise there!
  • Everyone was having such a great time, myself included. 

As if that wasn’t enough, AFTER Zumba, I jumped on the treadmill and pumped out 2 miles, my first REAL run since the half marathon on November 14th.  It felt great minus my very tired legs, but hey! who needs legs to run?! 

So take that Thanksgiving week- I am back on track, shaking it, sweating it, and eating much much much better.

Now who wants to join me for the Zumba dance party at the gym next week?!