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Today, Renee from CutieBootyCakes is sharing her Jenny Craig Success Story with us- enjoy!

I started my journey to healthy living last November. The week of Thanksgiving to be exact. Now, most people thought that I was insane to start a “diet” during the holidays but I am living life and will be faced with all sorts of situations where I need to make good food choices so why not during the holidays?

In addition to a healthy amount of exercise using my EA SPORTS Active More Workouts, I started my journey with Jenny Craig. It was my first foray into eating “healthy” by utilizing prepared foods but I decided to give it a shot because after years of eating horribly I was totally unclear about portion sizes and I knew that I wasn’t eating nearly enough to lose weight.

By utilizing Jenny Craig I had a system that not only helped me stay on track with my eating but I also had to log my feeling before and after I ate. Jenny Craig is more than just pre-packaged foods, the program also provided me with weekly meetings with a counselor and weekly weigh-ins. I had 24 hour support by utilizing the online tools and I soon became skilled at choosing the foods that I really enjoyed on a weekly basis.

One thing that struck me about the program was the variety of food available. Although I am not a meat eater, I did have several vegetarian choices and I also had a few fish meals – my favorite was the battered fish and chips. Yes, fries were a part of my menu. And did I mention the cakes? Dessert was included too.

Of course, everything in moderation. And I supplemented my meals with a serving or two of vegetables. During my weekly meetings I would discuss my meal plan with my counselor and initially we made decisions together but after a couple of weeks I’d come to my meeting with my meals already planned out.

With Jenny Craig centers all over the country even when I traveled to New York for the Christmas holiday I met with a wonderful counselor and she provided me with the same support that I received in Georgia. After three months on the program I lost approximately 30 pounds. My counselor would take my measurements monthly and provide me with a ribbon that signified the number of inches I lost over the month. I’d hang the ribbon on my refrigerator to remind me of my progress.

I recommend the program as a kick-start to the journey to healthy living. I think it is easier to do if you are single because otherwise you end up preparing another meal for your family and that can become cost prohibitive. This wasn’t a problem for me because both my son and husband are picky eaters who stick to a very basic diet and I am used to making separate meals for myself.

The meals are pricey but I think that the results are worth it if you can fit it in your budget.

Thank you Renee for sharing your story with us and can I just say that you look fabulous?!

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