Holiday Hoe Down – Week 4 – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


December 15, 2010 By thea

Hey! Guess who didn’t check in last week!


I was way up because I’m a girl and “way up, bloated mess” happens every 28 days.

And maybe it was all the take out and pizza, too. Hm. Hard to tell.

Or maybe the lack of exercise. That could have been it, too.

Anyway, I am back down this week…1.8 pounds. Which doesn’t even put me in my healthy range, so that gives you an idea of exactly how much I gained.

But I will be back down in my range by the end of this weigh in. Oh yes, I will.

  1. As always, stay within the 153-157 pound range. Nope, but I did lose this week.
  2. Do something active every day. Even if it’s only dancing for 5 minutes. 3/7 days
  3. Limit myself to one sweet treat a day (Exception: Thanksgiving Day) CHECK!
  4. When I have a choice, skip the food with a wrapper. CHECK-ish!