Holiday Hoedown Leaderboard:December 9th | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


He-eeeeey, Ho-oooooo. Based on all the numbers this week, we have some teams who are kicking ass, and we have some teams who are fizzling. Which group are you in?

Here are the results of this week’s weigh-in. Keep in mind that the Weight Lost Leaderboard is the cumulative %, meaning over the whole challenge; and the minutes are this week only.

Keep shrinking and keep those bodies moving. We’re getting into the really tough time of the year and we want to see you come out ahead on the other side!

Top 5 Teams Leaderboard for % of Weight Lost:

Santa’s Little Losers – 2.09%
HoHoHoes – 1.82%
Lean Green Losing Machine – 1.78%
Winter Wonders – 1.72%
Hot Holiday Hunnies – 1.64%

Top 5 Teams Leaderboard for Minutes of Exercise this week (average):

Lean Green Losing Machine – 582
Team Chicken Wings – 360
Winter Warriors – 306
Tinsel Vixens – 237
Winter Wonders – 234

In case you don’t remember, Team Lean Green Losing Machine is the same Tribe Green that kicked total butt in the Shrinkvivor Challenge. All of you are tearing it up, and we’re so proud! Santa’s Little Losers is an awesome family team led by Mary H., our Ultimate Shrinkvivor, and they are kicking butt too!

Keep up the good work everyone! You’ll be so glad you did when you hit the first of the year in much better shape!

Wait! Am I forgetting something? Yeah, I am!

The winner of this week’s random drawing, which was sponsored by US (so no need for a disclosure, FTC) is:

XJ from Tinsel Vixens! Way to go, girl! Email [email protected] with your email address, and we’ll get your $20 iTunes gift card to you ASAP!

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