Nachos anyone? | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


OK. Let’s have a little chat, shall we?

Today I want to talk about one of the basic food groups: NACHOS. (Stick with me here.)

I have always, always given myself one meal of whatever I want per week. Even when I was being as strict as you can possibly imagine on calories, I set aside one day and I ate whatever I wanted.

Allowing myself this meal was more than a treat; it more of a necessity for me. I thought of it as a way to keep me from craving all of my favorite foods. I’ve tried before to deny myself my favorite foods, and that only left me with eating them anyway. (Probably more often than I should.) So, when I decided to get serious about healthy living, I decided I was not going to deprive myself of my favorite things.

That still holds true today. And today, truth held nachos.

I know what you’re thinking. You think I had a plate piled high of chicken and beef and beans and cheese and chips and sour cream and the only thing healthy was the lettuce and tomato. Not true. Even though every now and then I have those loaded nachos, today I had chicken fajita nachos that had grilled chicken and green peppers and onions (that were too strong to eat) and cheese, and I didn’t eat all of my chips. Then before I felt too full, I put my napkin on my plate and declared myself finished.

The thing is, you can have your favorites. You can even have all of your favorite things on your favorite foods. But the trick is to have the discipline to make tiny changes like asking for sour cream on the side.

I know the holidays makes it difficult cause it seems like ALL of your favorite foods are placed right in front of you and you swear they are calling your name. Just know that you CAN do this. You can have the discipline to enjoy in moderation.

Also, know that sometimes you’re just going to indulge more than you planned to. Don’t get down about it. I’m guessing, when you do have a little more than planned, you’ll be less likely to order those fries the next day, right? (You should be anyway.)

The power on this journey is YOURS. Own it and know that sometimes, you’re just going to eat all of the chips.

Here’s to a healthy holidays!

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