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This month’s project has nothing to do with ourselves and everything to do with other people. It’s not about weight, it’s not about confidence, it’s not about eating this or that. It’s about giving. Because it’s the season of giving.

Are you taking part in this month’s project? What you can do:

  • Any single act of kindness or giving (shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, caroling at a nursing home, leaving hot cocoa at a waiting room at a hospital, anything.)
  • Donating to anyone or anything who needs it, being a bell-ringer, Toys for Tots, adopting a family, sending blankets to an animal shelter, volunteering at a soup kitchen, donating food to a food pantry, anything.

If everyone here at the Sisterhood did just one thing, we would send at least one smile to COUNTLESS FAMILIES AND CHILDREN! It would be like a hug and God knows there are a lot of people in this country (and world) who need one. It is the worst time ever for so many of them and you can change their day. Even if you don’t think you can, there is some way you can.

Last week we profiled a charity that gives Elves to children battling cancer.

This week, we’re telling you about a homegrown Sisterhood effort and it’s being spearheaded by a 7 year old. Not his mom, not his family or his school, HIM. All on his own. It’s called “Jingle Well.”

There are just a couple of weeks left until Christmas and a lot of children have been off to see the big man in the hat already to tell him their Christmas wishes and (fingers crossed) they’ll come true.

But there is one little cutie patooty that I know who doesn’t want any Christmas gifts this year.

(Is it possible? A child who doesn’t want Christmas gifts?)

Yes. Yes it is. Instead of Christmas presents he wants clean drinking water for other people. You MUST watch this video of Shrinking Jeans Editor Melissa’s little boy, he’s so sweet I just want to reach through the computer and hug him and then have him do a presentation at my house for my little boys because what an amazing example he is setting!

(If the little video is not popping up CLICK HERE TO WATCH!)

In keeping up with the true spirit of Christmas which is hard to grasp at the early ages but this little boy has, Melissa’s little boy Bridger came to her one day with one wish: a wish for clean water for other kids across the world. He didn’t want presents this year, instead, he wanted money to go to clean water for other kids. It is a project that was born last month and his goal is to reach $5,000.

Can you pass up this little boy’s Christmas wish? 

Here is more about Charity: water from Melissa and Bridger:

100% of public donations directly fund water projects in developing nations.

In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion (yes, BILLION) hours walking for water. Women and children are most likely to be making the journey for the water, which is most likely unsafe. These hours are taking away from the children’s educations and taking the women away from their families. Not to mention the physical effects the carrying of jugs of water takes on one’s spine. It’s a downward spiral.

42,000 people are dying EACH WEEK from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions. 90% of these people are under the age of 5.

$5,000 can provide funding for a well, which will in turn provide approximately 250 with near-by, SAFE water for 5 years. It will also provide them with education on the importance of sanitation and handwashing, which will greatly reduce the amount of disease. Water is a gateway to sanitary living.

How can you help? Let’s think about it this way…

If 4 people give up ONE LATTE ($5) for ONE DAY and donate the money instead, that money will provide an in-need person with safe water for FIVE YEARS.

Give up one latte = provide the gift of water for five years.


You can get to his page  by going to:

Now, we have some ideas of how you can help but you don’t have to take ours, you can come up with your own! Post about it, tell us about it, link up here in the comments! And if you share in the ones we suggest, tell us about it, tell everyone about it!

Everyone can use a little help this season.

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