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Hey Sisters! I hope you have had a super wonderful holiday so far! Can you believe how fast it is going?

Here at the Sisterhood we’re talking about making the holiday season better for others, too, with our Monthly Project and a lot of you have joined us in donating to various causes and we’ve spotlighted a few for you too!

Before I get to this week’s spotlight, here are a few we’ve highlighted:
Melissa’s son Bridger gave up presents this year to collect donations for clean water for people in need! (Isn’t that amazing?)
Give an elf to a child battling cancer in the hospital through Elves From Catie.

Some of you have also made some wonderful suggestions like:
Barb, who donated to Toys for Tots, the Angel Tree Project and a website called

Brooke is trying to donate to a cause a week (you’re so awesome, Brooke, seriously!) Some of hers are: helping local teens in need, supporting missionaries who are spreading joy this Christmas season and dropping change in the Salvation Army buckets, which a lot of us have found can get our children involved too (the kids love this!)

OK now, here’s what we did.

A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out my linen closet and I had a lot of blankets and sheets that needed a new use because they were either holey or didn’t have a matching sheet with it anymore, so I rounded them up to give them to our local Humane Society.

It was just in time too because we were starting to get cold down here the doggies and kitties need them to keep warm! So I got the kids involved with me and we got to visit the doggies and kitties at the same time!  And plus I got to clean out my linen closet.

I also had a big brand new bag of food I had bought for my cat who passed last month, so I took that with a couple cans of cat food I had too.  

The shelter was happy to receive it and the children were happy to give them! Also they loved seeing all these tiny little faces.

It was hard to not go home with one of these tiny faces (I just kept picturing the Christmas tree going over) but I think we’ll be visiting the shelter again shortly when the tree comes down. You know. For the kids, of course.

How are you helping this season?

It is not too late! You can shovel a driveaway for a neighbor, donate a toy for Toys for Tots, sponsor a child or a family, any little thing is a big thing to someone else.

It is our last week of this project but it is never too late to give!

If you’ve donated this season to any cause and have blogged about it, please link up! And if you haven’t yet, go do it, post about it and link up here, or leave your favorite cause in the comments! There is no better way to end 2010!

Have a wonderful week!

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