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Good morning and welcome to your safe place!

(Come in and get out of the cold! It’s below freezing, even here in Florida!)

Here is where we share our deepest, darkest indiscretions and wipe the slate clean and start over again. It’s very cleansing.

You should try it.

I’ll start.

I confess that:

  • I have had too many unanswered calories. This year I have done well in replying to calories (especially the empty ones) with a calorie BURN. Not this season. No siree, bob.
  • Unanswered calories in the form of Christmas feast, desserts, cookies, cocktails. Multiplied by 4 weeks.
  • Not answering my calories makes me really really grumpy and slothlike and my poor family pays for it.
  • I have had weight-gain this season. Not the average of 11 pounds, but I sure have a lot of work to do  to make up for it and I see it in my sad and floppy midsection.
  • I do not know if I am ready for the Disney Marathon in oh, 11 days or so. (Who’s counting?)
  • I have not been acting like a person who’s training for a marathon.
  • But I will still get out there and sure as hell try.

There were a few good things though:

  • I hosted Christmas dinner and my “appetizers” included a big huge veggie tray, fresh mozzerella on top of big juicy tomato slices with basil, and a big dish of mandarin oranges and olives. Oh, and brie with brown sugar.
  • I was too busy to eat too much and I had a sleepy lap child during dinner.
  • I finally answered some of the calories with spin class and a nice run and oh did mama need it.
  • Mama is a better person with exercise.
  • I have gone food shopping and have stocked up on the good stuff. No more excuses.

So what was your week like? Go ahead and confess! But don’t leave out the good stuff, tell us what you did RIGHT too! And if you post about it, link up here too!

Have a great day!

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