The Jury Has Rendered a Verdict! – The Shrinking Jeans of Nancy


January 30, 2011 By Nancy

The jury has finally come back with a verdict.  I love zumba.  I really really do.  I was unsure after the first class, but three classes later, I love it.

I think my biggest fear in going to zumba was the chance that I would look stupid and people would think I was a klutz.  Guess what?  Almost everyone there looks just like me when they are trying to do it and we have fun laughing at each other and ourselves.  Nobody but our instructor Irma and our boot camp drill sergeant Nicki know what the heck they are doing.   All Irma asks is that you just keep moving.

I am liking this zumba class so much, I am considering doing the Zumbathon for the American Heart Association in a few weeks.  What are the chances that I can last through two hours of zumba?  Probably slim to none, but I would think you could take breaks if you need to.  I’ll have to check into that before I commit.

I have been enjoying I use that term looselyboot camp and zumba so much, I decided to try a yoga class today.  I was expecting to have to stretch, but boy did we have to STRETCH!  I’m sore in some new places tonight.  I think I’m going to try it again next week though.

So yes, I like zumba.  I actually think I  love zumba.  One thing I know for sure, I love Irma.  She is the most awesome instructor ever.