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Anyone else just loving this challenge?  I love love love that we are ALL focusing inward, making ourselves better and better and better.  You, too?  Raise your hand high in the air if you agree….go ahead, do it now. 

You girls/guys/hookers/rock stars/pimp daddies know how much we love you, right?  We love you so much that all of us writers agreed to change our mug shots over there on the right side bar to support this challenge.  And because we are so creative have SO much time on our hands we even spelled something out with our pictures.  Do you see it?  AND, because we are so awesome committed to you, we couldn’t just change our pictures without  giving you a message to go along with it. 

Wait a minute….you did know that by clicking on our names (yeah, over there, right side bar, scroll down a bit), you would then be taken to our individual Shrinking Jeans blogs, where we blog about even more personal stuff?  Right? 

Anyhoo, back to our new mug shots and a message.  I want to personally introduce you to each and every writer here.  In our brand new pictures.  With a message.  Here goes, hold on tight, this will be a long one : ).

P is for……

Power is a feeling you deserve. People can make all the difference in the world. Please do it for you. Pounds do not make you who you are. Perfect is what you are. Praise can go a long way. Push yourself as hard as you can.

Picture yourself the way you want to be.

Only One person has the ability to allow you to be the best you can be.


Walk first…..then run : ). Wondrous. Warm-hearted. Weight lift. drink your Water. Weigh-in, shrinking Waist. Wowsers.  Woot woot! Wake-up your mind, body, and soul.


Exceed your own Expectations.

Realize you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Remember that you are capable of anything. Resolve to make one small change.

Respect yourself.

Onward. Never forget tomorrow is brand new, a day to start fresh.

FINDING what we love to do and doing it often. FRIENDS to cheer us on, pick us up and push us. FAMILY to support us along the way. FITNESS for body, FITNESS for mind. FEET to take you there. FIGURING out what works, what doesn’t. Putting yourself FIRST. For once. FORCE to be reckoned with. (Yes it is in you.) FARTLEK. Because you should do sprints but really I just like the word. FAILURE. There is no such thing. FACING FEAR and conquering. FALLING in love with yourself all over again. FINALLY FINDING YOURSELF.


ONE small change will make ONE small difference, which will become ONE new opportunity to make yourself ONE bit happier. Repeat the cycle for ONE amazing result. ONE New and improved you!

While this challenge is called “The Power of One”, all of us here at The Sisterhood are here for you- to support you, motivate you, love you and give you a good kick in the pants if necessary.  I cannot wait to see where the rest of these 8 weeks will lead us.

P.S. Can ya’ll please make sure to give Heather some extra love?  Pretty please?  She is pregnant with baby #2 and well, a lot of ya’ll remember how hard it can be at times.

P.P.S. Quite a few of our sisters are running the Disneyworld Marathon or the Disneyworld Half Marathon this weekend.  In honor of them, we are holding a Virtual 5K tomorrow.  Some of you have been doing the Couch 25K program since we announced this way back in November, some of you have not.  Regardless, we want to show our support and get everyone out there walking, wogging (walk + jog), or running tomorrow.  Will you join us? To our weekend racers – Brooke, Kirsten, Christie, and Audrey- GOOD LUCK!!!!. Please tell me I didn’t forget anyone and if I did, give me a shout out in the comments and I will add you : ).

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I’m a runner, on my way to becoming a marathoner. I am 42 years old and have found a peaceful acceptance of my body. Through running, I have discovered who I am, besides a mom to three kids and a wife to one. I truly enjoy sharing my love of fitness with others while empowering and motivating women to conquer their fear of the unknown. In my spare time, I manage the Run with the Sisterhood Facebook page, work here and there for Zooma Women’s Race Series, and work part-time at our local YMCA.