Wednesday Weigh In The WOO HOO Edition – The Shrinking Jeans of Nancy


February 9, 2011 By Nancy

There are absolutely no sad songs here today. Let’s just do the best news of the week right now….

I LOST 6 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!

We had two snow days last week from school. As promised, I spent those days seriously thinking about Weight Watchers. I pulled the trigger and joined on Thursday morning and seven days later, I am six pounds lighter. To say that I am happy is a total understatement. I am elated, joyous and very surprised. Lots of people told that your first few weeks in Weight Watchers are big losses, but I had no idea. This was awesome and a real boost to want to do the same thing next week.

I know that all my exercise has contributed to this loss. I am still going to boot camp twice a week, zumba twice a week and yoga once a week. I have been doing April’s challenge as well. I’ve also had days of throwing some wii discs like the EA Sports Active 2 and zumba into the mix. I love both of those. I love that I wake up most mornings a little sore and some mornings I’m more than a little sore. I’m just plain old sore. I love it though. I truly believe that I have turned a major corner in this journey.

Friday night I am involved in a Zumbathon with all the proceeds going to the American Heart Association. It’s two hours long and it is going to be so much fun. A few months ago, I would have been dreading two hours of exercise, but not now. I’m really looking forward to it.

So that’s my story this week. I am excited to write the next chapter next week. I have a feeling it is going to be good. This book could end up a best seller!