True Confession – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


First confession? I forgot that I have True Confessions today. Which even though I am pregnant and have the ‘I’m sharing my brain’ excuse, is still pretty pathetic because I write the calendar! How embarrassing for me. Sorry everyone…consider this a late morning/midday surprise!

Ahem. Okay, now on to the dirt.

I will frame my main confession this way: I have been very reluctant to buy ANY maternity clothes. They are expensive (and this is – at least we’re pretty much sure – our last child) and they are ugly. But three months ago I purchased ONE pair of maternity jeans. They were flattering and I was hoping to wear them as long as possible during the pregnancy, then for a bit afterwards.

But yesterday? I bent over to pick something up, and RIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

My tush was rudely introduced to the open air.

So, I have no pants. Except leggings (hideous).

And I have a doctor’s appointment today where they will weigh me, and I’m DREADING that after my expanding tush busted it’s way out of a pair of jeans.

So that’s me for today. Hopefully my leggings will survive till I can acquire another pair of pants…

Your turn! What are YOUR confessions? Link up in the comments below.

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