Tworkout :: The Blizzard Edition – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Except! I’M NOT GETTING ANY SNOW! Really, what does a girl have to do to get some snow? (Note: Dear Mother Nature, If you wish to give me snow I would be so very happy, but please bypass Thea’s town. Love, Me.)

Anyway, tonight is Tuesday and you know what that means! Yep! It’s time for a Tworkout™! And since a bunch of you are going to be snowed in, you have NO EXCUSE. So, join us on Twitter at 8 Central where I give you a good ass kicking great workout!

Tonight’s Tworkout:

1. It’s everyone’s favorite! 3 min dance party! Turn on your favorite song and dance for 3 mins. (Embarrassing teenage kids is encouraged.)

2. 40 squats with tricep kickbacks

3. Wide-stance push ups, as many as you can do

4. 1.5 min buttkicks; 1.5 mountain climbers

5. 40 alternating side lunges with bicep curls

6. 20 crunches, 20 reverse crunches (or more if you wish)


As always, you can follow along on TweetGrid! Go here!

See you there!