Spring In2 Action: Check In, Week 1 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s Wednesday and I don’t get to officially check in (just give me three-ish more months, I’ll be right back here. If I’m not, hunt me down and slap my face).

But YOU get to check in. So that’s what  you are going to do. Yes, I’m bossy. It’s for your own good. (Can you tell I’m around a preschooler all day long?).

If you’re new around here, this is the drill:

1) Go hop on the scale (unless you’re not participating to lose weight…if that’s the case, skip to step 2).

2) If you have a blog, go ahead and write about your week. Loss? Gain? How are you doing on the 100 push-up challenge? Any victories or discoveries? A new recipe you love? Why Bob and Jillian are way better than Bret and Cara?

3) Link up with the linky tool, below. Don’t forget to blog hop and show your Sisters (and Brothers) some love. Everyone loves feedback!

4) Finally, one team member needs to fill out the check in form, below, by 10 pm central time TONIGHT. That’s 10 pm CST. Tonight. Wednesday.

That’s it – piece of cake (mmmm, cake).

Now, while I’ve got you here, I’d like to point out a few fantastic things happening here at Shrinking Jeans.

  • We’ve got a great giveaway for Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken that closes on Friday night. Go enter!!
  • Do you know what #mbm means? If not, you should go read all about it!
  • Looking for a great workout you can complete while indulging in reality television? Check out our Tworkout! You may have missed last nights, but make sure you join in NEXT Tuesday at 8 pm CST. Also, April always posts the exercises, so you can go back at complete them at your convenience. No excuses.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the fantastic sponsor for this challenge: BornFit!

The fine ladies over at BornFit have sponsored some awesome prizes for this challenge! At the end of the challenge, the top shrinking buds will each win a Torrey Jacket from BornFit, and two random shrinkers will each win an Inspiration Tee!

Alright, I’ve said my piece. Go forth and check in. And don’t forget to have an amazing week!

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