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Ah yes.

I love True Confessions SO MUCH.

Especially when I’ve been eating like a machine. I know, I’m pregnant, I get to eat a little more than usual.

Problem is, I’m eating A LOT more than usual. I am ravenous, all the time. I’m trying to keep it healthy and protein heavy, but I’ve been slipping up. More than I’d like to admit. But lucky me, I get to ‘fess up all over the Internets.

Brace yourselves…here goes:

  • I ordered Chinese takeout last night. Yes, I am aware you can order healthier takeout, but did I? Uh, that’d be a negative. In fact, everything was deep fried and there was nary a vegetable in sight. Needless to say, I went into a fat coma then heartburn hell last night and was convinced I was going to die. Lesson learned. Till next week.
  • Last week, when we went to Subway (yes,this was a good choice), I ordered a six inch chicken breast sub (also a good choice). But when the kid behind the counter started making a foot long sub, I didn’t correct him. And then I ate the whole darn thing. May I mention that ‘ate’ is a refined word for how I ingested said sandwich…the correct terms would most likely be ‘wolfed down’ or ‘hoovered’.
  • Easter candy? Yeah, let’s not talk about it. Especially the jelly beans I bought ‘for my husband’, then accidentally ate. Then he pointed out that I ate all of them and I just about stabbed him.
  • Also? The nacho cheese Doritos I bought ‘for my husband’. One minute they were in the cupboard, the next I was sitting on the couch in a sodium haze with a cheese coating an inch thick on my fingers.
  • One good thing? I made myself quit baking last week. I had been baking bread and probably the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, the recipe for which I cracked about a month ago. I’m not kidding, they are ridiculously perfect.  I need to forget they exist.

Much to my chagrin, I know I have a lot more to confess, but I’d honestly have to write a novel.

I truly hope you all have done better than I have. My sins are great and numerous.

Fess up and link up below.

And here’s to an upcoming week filled with BETTER CHOICES!

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