Spring In2 Action – Week 5 – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


April 6, 2011 By thea

Is this seriously the last week??  Wow.

I’m just doing a drive by posting…time seems to be at a huge premium these days. We’ve got birthday parties and a vacation coming up, not to mention the unplanned crap that just seems to pop up.

All that being said, I’m doing… Average. Not horribly, not awesome. I’m just holding my own.

My eating is definitely better than it was 5 weeks ago, but I’m still struggling with getting back in the workout groove. My sleeping is always falling by the wayside, which is just bad on many levels.

Does anyone else feel like that when something goes wrong, the one thing they need to get back to is the one thing that falls by the wayside?

When I’m sick, I have a tendecny to drink less water.

When I’m tired, I have a tendency to sleep less.

When I’m feeling sluggish, the last thing I want to do is work out.

It’s a vicious cycle.