Final Leaderboard::Spring In2 Action Challenge | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Can you believe the Spring In2 Action challenge has come to an end? I know I can’t! Seems like time is flying by at a speed that makes my head spin around.

I won’t make you wait for the final results any longer! Here are our Top 10 Shrinkers!!

Top 10 Shrinking Buds*


We’d like to thank our amazing sponsor for this Challenge: BornFit!

The fine ladies over at BornFit have sponsored some awesome prizes for this challenge! The top shrinking buds, Lori F & Melissa A, will each win a Torrey Jacket from BornFit.

The two random shrinkers who each win an Inspiration Tee are: Mommy McFatties, our number #6 buds on the leaderboard: Zelma R & Crystal P

All of our winners need to check out the site and let Melissa (melissa @  know what size/color they’d like to chose for their prizes! Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for making this such an awesomely-fun challenge.

So you might be looking down and kicking the dirt, wondering what’s next. You might even be feeling a little post most-awesome-challenge-ever blues. Well, never fear, because here at the Sisterhood we’ll never stop challenging YOU. We are brewing up a brand-new fantabulous challenge that will begin on Sunday, May 1st. There will be weight-loss check-ins, mini-challenges, projects, and lots of other fun things to get your butt shrinking into Summer!

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