May Your Way Check In – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


May 18, 2011 By thea

I’m not sure how I maintained this week, because “good choices” was definitely NOT my mantra this week. More like “indulgence” and “binging” and “sleep deprivation”.

And now I’m sick. Which just makes me want to indulge and binge that much more. Hellllooooo, pity party!

On tho the goals…

  1. Be able to do 10 push ups from my toes – Today is my last day of Week 2. I took a few days off, but I think I’m back on track now. Or something.
  2. My head will hit the pillow by 11pm during the week and by 12am on weekends. – So. Did. Not. Happen. Not one single day. Which is why I feel exhausted and sick now. Good plan.
  3. Get in one swim workout a week – I did a swim last Wednesday. And that’s it.

UGH! I’m so not on tap with this challenge! I’m not sure what my mental break is for, but I need to get back into it before I go too much further down the Slippery Slope of Complacency!!