Fitbloggin Friday! A Shrinking Jeans VLOG! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hi everyone! We’re coming at you this week from Fitbloggin ’11, in Baltimore, Maryland! We have an impressive Shrinking Jeans Sisters turnout and next year we hope to have even more of you come with us!

If you blog and you’re interested in anything to do with health or fitness (or if you are one of us!) then you belong here!

Today we’re running in tutus in a 5k sponsored by New Balance, followed by a breakfast and then lots of fun fitness stuff like kettlebells, girls on trampolines (no, really! there are girls on trampolines here!) and ZUMBA! I realize there are a lot of exclamation marks here, this is a multi-exclamation mark situation though so bear with me. Mkay?

So, without further adieu (and be sure to try and spot the firefighter convention going on in the background — yes, there are 600 firefighters in our hotel right now. There’s a firefighter convention going on here. I’m not even kidding. My husband is going to LOVE that.) here is your Sisterhood at Fitbloggin! Here is the Video because I can’t get it to embed!

And now, the winner of the tutu is: BROOKE!!! Congrats girlie! I’m makin ya a tutu!!! And you better take some pictures of this for us!

We will be sure to post some of ours!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! More from Fitbloggin to come!

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