Burst into Summer – Kick Off! – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


June 15, 2011 by heather

It has been SO LONG since I’ve posted here. Yowza.

Today the Sisterhood’s newest challenge starts, and my newest challenge starts as well…embarking on losing quite a lot of weight and reclaiming my body post pregnancy and with two kids in tow. I’ve done it before, but I only had one munchkin to wrangle. Two? This could get interesting.

As of today, I am still not cleared to do high impact exercise. Read: I can basically walk and do some gentle toning exercises on my arms and legs. No core. No running.

So, I’ll be walking during the first part of this challenge. And I think I can also count the two hours plus of swaying and pacing I do with the babe each night. Last night, I actually put her in the Moby Wrap and did plies, squats and lunges for a good half hour. Multitasking, people. That’s how I roll.

My goal during this challenge, weight wise,  is to lose ten pounds. Behavior wise, I plan to get my eating under control. No more late night snacking (I started up this habit during pregnancy…I was SO hungry!). Portion control. No fast food. And lots of water.

As far as working out, I’d like to try for four times per week. It doesn’t sounds like a lot, but compared to what I’ve been doing, well, it’s a ton. Plus, finding time with two kiddos and a husband that is at work for ten hours per day could be challenging.

Basically, this challenge, for me, will be about striking balance and learning how to make time.

My starting weight for this challenge is 194.

Whew. Here we go!