Happy Birthday Thea!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Today is a very, very, very special day! It’s Thea’s birthday, and she is so special to all of us here at the Sisterhood!!

Ahhh, there are so many wonderful sides of Thea. She’s A Drama Mama, afterall!

There’s Mean Headband-Wearing Thea, who will know doubt whip your ass into fitness submission.

And then there’s She’s Like the Wind Thea – who smiles proudly about her many, many medals.

And let’s not forget Cowgirl Thea (or Jessie as we like to call her).

Oh! There’s Zumba Thea!

Okay, PSYCHE! That’s not really Zumba Thea, but this is (you can hardly tell the difference, RIGHT?)!

Okay, I know Thea’s really getting embarrassed with all of this attention on her birthday, but let me tell you a little more about this wonderful (and one year older!) Sister:

  • Did you know Thea just completed her first triathlon? An Olympic triathlon, no less. WOW!
  • Did you know Thea has a goal to complete a race every month of 2011? So far, she’s on par (*snort*)!
  • Did you know Thea has been maintaining her awesome weight-loss for like 100 years? I know! I want to punch her, too!
  • Did you know Thea is tall? And she has awesome legs like a gazelle? It’s true.
  • Did you know Thea is always willing to take one for the team – even running in a 5K wearing a homemade tutu? Seriously!

Mr. T says he pities the fool who don’t leave a comment wishing Thea the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER (and congratulating her on her Triathlon finish!).

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