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We’ve all heard it time and time again:  Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  In fact, some people say (Hey Ryan!) it’s THE most important meal of the day because, among other things, it stokes and fuels the metabolism for the entire day.  This is especially important if one is on a weight loss journey!

For those of you who read my personal blog, you may already be aware that I’m participating in the Summer Breakfast Swap challenge with Uncle Sam cereal and Attune Foods.  Like me, I know several of the other writers here at the Sisterhood are also big fans on Attune Foods.  So, when I was approached to take part in this challenge, I was more than willing and happy to do it.  For the months of July and August, I’m swapping out my regular breakfast for a bowl of Uncle Sam cereal and reporting in each week via vlog with how the challenge is going.

So, how does this all fit in with Try It Thursday?  Well, the good folks over at Attune Foods have allowed me the opportunity to extend a mini-challenge offer to all of our awesome readers here at the Sisterhood which includes a FREE box of Uncle Sam cereal for everyone who signs up!  How cool is that?!  Here’s all you need to do to participate:

  1. Go by my “I’m with Mel” page on the Attune Foods site.
  2. Grab a copy of my button using the code provided on their site and post it on your blog.  Here’s a little preview of how it looks:
  3. Click the coupon link to request your FREE box of Uncle Sam cereal.  (Please note the coupon is for U.S. redemption only.)
  4. Once completed, the coupon will be ready immediately via PDF for you to print and take to your favorite store that carries the Uncle Sam product line.
  5. Swap out your regular breakfast for one week with the Uncle Sam cereal and then share your experience on your blog.
  6. This isn’t a requirement, but please leave a comment below to let me know if you’re going to take up the challenge and provide a link to your blog.  I’d love to follow along with your experience as well. 🙂

As you can see, my Try It Thursday challenge to you all is actually two-fold.  First, I want to encourage those of you who haven’t been eating breakfast to give it a try.  You might be pleasantly surprised to see how much it helps not only your hunger levels, but with weight loss as well.  Secondly, even if you’re already eating breakfast, I want to encourage you all to give Uncle Sam cereal a try.  I mix mine with some fresh fruit (blueberries are my fave!) and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  With the combination of protein and high fiber, it definitely stays with me right through until lunch.  So there’s no more mid-morning snacking temptation for me which is a good thing!

So, get out there and eat some breakfast, people!

Disclosure:  I was provided a supply of Uncle Sam cereal for my participation in the Summer Breakfast Swap.  The opinions expressed are, as always, entirely my own.

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