Burst into Summer Leaderboard {august 18} | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


How are you on this beautiful Thursday morning? We have some super-impressive numbers for you this week! I think y’all must have gotten hold of your second wind!

First, go check the current team roster here, once again several more people have been dropped off teams for not checking in 4 or more weeks. Knock it off now, k?

For the gazillionth week in a row, TEAM 20 is in the lead! WOOOOO! They have lost 5.48% of their total team weight! Way to go! Have you visited their blogs to give them a high five yet?

Karen W
Mary H
Nicole, L
Tammi T

Their are two teams sneaking up on them, however. Let’s give a big congrats to TEAM 4 and TEAM 28 for breaking that 5% mark!! Nice work, ladies!

5.24%    TEAM 4
5.08%    TEAM 28

Not far behind and rounding out the Top 10: 4.44%    TEAM 17 4.39%    TEAM 6 4.14%    TEAM 38 3.88%    TEAM 29 3.64%    TEAM 9 3.64%    TEAM 9

3.45%    TEAM 32