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I’m going to cut to the chase here.

Beef can be part of a healthy diet. A calorie-restricted diet. A heart-healthy diet. Any diet. It’s completely true – you can have your steak and eat it, too.

As a Texan, I love beef. It’s part of my life. When I think ‘what’s for dinner?’, I think of a juicy filet mignon cooked medium with a baked potato and steamed asparagus.

You want to know what else? That meal falls perfectly into my eating plan.

Now I know a lot of you are jumping for joy and firing up the grill, but WAIT! I want to tell you a little more about the benefits of lean beef.

Just because beef is good for you, doesn’t mean you can eat that 72 oz. steak at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. No, no. As with everything else, you’ll have to practice moderation with your love of all things beef, but it’s not that hard!! Trust me.

29 Lean Cuts. One Powerful Protein.

There are 29 cuts of lean beef with a total fat content that falls between a skinless chicken breast and skinless chicken thigh when comparing cooked 3-ounce  servings.

Lean beef is an excellent source of protein, with a 3-ounce serving providing 51 percent of the recommended daily value in less than 180 calories. Choosing lean beef as a source of protein can actually be a calorie-saver. A 3-ounce serving of lean beef provides the same amount of protein as 1 ½ cups of beans, but with half the calories (USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 22, 2009).

The Beef Fit Facts

  • Beef plays an important role in overall health, including a role in weight control.  A substantial body of evidence shows the nutrients in lean beef, such as protein, iron and B-vitamins, help maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and fuel physical activity.
  • Calorie-for-calorie, beef is one of the most naturally nutrient-rich foods. A 3-ounce serving of lean beef contributes less than 10 percent of calories to a 2,000 calorie diet, yet it supplies more than 10 percent of the Daily Value for 10 essential nutrients.
  • Because protein promotes satiety, eating  a protein-rich meal or snack makes you feel full longer, and satisfies cravings faster.

The Top 6 Lean Cuts of Beef

Click for juicy recipes!

The above numbers are based on a 3 ounce serving of lean beef. If you’re looking for more juicy recipes, you can hit the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner website. You can select the type of beef you have on hand, as well as other ingredients and pull up the perfect recipe for a healthy dinner!

Beef it Up Giveaway!

  • We have 3 Beefy Prize Packs up for grabs! The prize packs include:
    1. Resistance band (great for strength training and fitness)
    2. Power of Protein tote
    3. Cooking temperatures for beef magnets,
    4. A variety of “I Love Beef” button pins, bumper stickers, balloons, and recipe cards
  • We also have ONE $100 Beefy Gift Card from Omaha Steaks so one lucky winner can stock up on beefy goodness!

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Beefy Fine Print:

While the “Beef it Up” Giveaway is an equal opportunity for all consumers, entries must:

  • Only be open to those who live in the U.S.
  • Employees of the Beef Checkoff and any subcontractors are not eligible to win
  • Beef producers are not eligible to win

Contest ends on Saturday, August 13th at midnight PT. Winners will be chosen via and announced on this post the following day.
Disclosure: The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans was not compensated to write this post, nor did we receive any other considerations. The Beef Checkoff provided prize packs and gift cards as prizes, and will handle all shipping to winners.


The Beefy Winners have been chosen! The 3 winners of the Beefy Prize Packs are:

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