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Howdy ya’ll!

We sure hope everyone’s surviving out there what with all the earthquakes and hurricanes abound up in here. Along with school starting, there’s lots of stress to go around these days. We hope you’re coping healthily and not turning to the cookie dough in the fridge. (Don’t look at me!)

Today it is check-in day and it’s time to head off to the scales and see how we fared this week.

Weighers and non-weighers, it’s time to report back!

And wow, this challenge is coming to a close shortly, we have one more week! Let’s make this one count mkay?

Last week’s challenge was to practice some deep breathing. Perhaps that helped you when you were evacuating from one of the tall buildings on the east coast. How did you do on that challenge?

This week, we challenge you to finish this challenge on a high note. Whatever your goals are for the week, the entire plan from your food plan to the workouts, the challenge this week is to stick to all of it. Go above and beyond. Push yourself during your workouts, eat clean and deliberate (no surprises), plan ahead, whatever your “whole picture” is, do it.

If you’ve been doing that all along, this one should be easy.

The goal is to finish out the challenge in a sprint. So GO FOR IT! And let us know next week how you did.

Speaking of sprint, have you heard of our “Run the Hood” Virtual 5k, 10k, and 1mile fun run??? If you’re not already gathering people all around your life to run in your ‘hood, you should! There is a shirt and medal in it for everyone! So go to there and register, you only have a month to register and the run is on October 22nd. We will all be running with you that day. Not “with you” with you, but “with you” VIRTUALLY! As in, everyone’s running on the same day, whereever their ‘hood is.

This is a perfect time to set your sights on Couch to 5k or perhaps get someone else on board the running train! You can read about starting the Couch to 5k program from scratch, right here.

Don’t forget, New Balance is sponsoring this challenge, and that means the team with the most % of weight lost will get a new pair of New Balance Bootcamp Training Shoes. How sweet is that? We are also giving away 5 pairs to random challengers! To be eligible to win, your team will need to check-in EACH WEEK BY 9 p.m. CENTRAL TIME. No exceptions.

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