The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC – Eating Right Because Our Jeans Are Too Tight


I grew up in the era of the ‘Supermodel’. I knew them all by first name.  Christy. Elle. Paulina. Claudia. Kate. Seriously, not the healthiest of interests, but images of these women were constantly  in my face.  I bought magazines and cut their out photos. I made collages. My walls were literally covered in Calvin Klein ads. My mom hated it – though I’m not sure if it was my unhealthy obsession with beauty, or the fact that those old Kate Moss ads were pretty racy.

(And I wonder why my self esteem was non-existent)

The supermodel  that sticks out the most, for me, is Cindy Crawford.  Maybe it was because she had brown hair (like me). Maybe it was because she wasn’t perfect (the mole…cause that’s SUCH an imperfection).

So when she came out with an exercise video (yes, video) back in 1992, you know I was all over it.  Shape Your Body with Cindy Crawford.  In fact, I still have my copy. I sadly no longer own a VCR. But I still can’t say goodbye to Cindy.

To get in the groove, I would get all dressed up in my workout gear…hello neon spandex and high tops with scrunch socks. Scrunchie? Check.  It’s common knowledge that getting dressed up to work out makes your workout much more effective. Right? Right?

In all seriousness, this workout? It’s tough! I remember being so sore for days after working out with Cindy. The moves were spot specific and effective – and got your heart pumping.

Yes, Cindy works out in her bathing suit. But I probably would too if I looked like her. If you can get past the early 90’s cheesiness, this workout is still pretty fantastic. It did get a few bad reviews back in the day – mostly because people were hurting themselves with the difficult exercises.  It’s all about modifying the moves and tailoring them to your level of fitness.

You know what? I think it’s time to upgrade to the DVD. But I will probably have to take a pass on the spandex.

What’s your favorite old school workout tape (or DVD for you young’ns)? Do you love you some Jane Fonda? Billy Blanks? Richard Simmons?

And more importantly, do you dress up to work out at home? Please tell me your stories of butt floss leotards and leg warmers. Extra credit for pictures…

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