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Yes you read that title right.

I was going through my emails full of races and I came across this one and thought this was a topic worthy of attention. Naked racing!

Here in Florida, there are a few nude races. They take place at a couple of the nude resorts, I presume because it’s a nice warm climate for most of the year, which seems like an optimal climate for nudity.

Although, I did some research and I found out that in addition to naked runs here in Florida, across the nation there are naked bike races and naked triathlons.

I may be able to fathom the idea of running naked but only when fewer of my bits move right now. However there is something to be said of course with being one with the moving of the bits and pieces out and about in public. Perhaps no one pays attention. Perhaps no one cares. Perhaps it is an environment full of loving all your bits and pieces and wouldn’t that be nice.

I do happen to think the naked bike riding sounds a little more uncomfortable, especially because it is pretty uncomfortable with clothes on. And then not to mention if you are in aero position on a tri bike, you would not want to be drafting someone and/or vice versa (I’m just saying.)

If you’re interested in nude racing in Florida, there is a website called that you can check out, along with this (tastefully shot in case you’re wondering) video.

So what do you think?? Would you or have you ever raced nude?? Know anyone who has? Don’t be bashful!

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